Thursday, January 20, 2011

History Research Paper Series--Final Paper

Finally, you and your students have arrived at the due date of the final version of the 3-5 page historical research paper. After all the preparation, the papers should meet your expectations. If not, consider whether there is a step missing in the process or whether you have provided the most helpful feedback to students. For example, would an audio recording of feedback or a phone call have helped students be more successful? Do you need to be more detailed or explanatory?

Title: History Research Paper Series--Final Paper
Objective: Learner will compose a polished 3-5 page historical research paper with a minimum of 5 primary or secondary sources.
Assignment type: Summative
Assignment Details:
-Assignment will contain the following elements: well-crafted thesis statement,
a works cited or bibliography with a minimum of 5 primary or secondary sources properly cited, carefully selected supporting details and examples that relate to the thesis, a strong beginning, middle and end, and have minimal grammar errors.

Rubric: Based on a total of 100 points
Well-crafted Thesis Statement 0-5 points
Works Cited page or bibliography with a minimum of 5 sources properly cited 0-25 points
Paper is well organized and contains a strong beginning, middle, and end 0-25 points
The paper is 3 to 5 pages in length with minimal grammar errors 0-20 points
Page includes substantial supporting details and examples 0-25 points
Plagiarism will result in a zero.

One helpful exercise is to have students submit a graded rubric for themselves to do some self reflection on their project, and you may want to emphasize areas of noticeable improvement in your feedback. Next week we'll explore an example of how to reuse this assignment.

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