Sunday, October 11, 2009

Returned from Disney and ready to Go

I've missed communicating with you in this history blog that was dormant for the summer.

While away, my family took a vacation to Disney World where my two daughters had many dreams realized. This was our first visit, and I have to say that Disney World is more than cartoon characters and good marketing. It was an amazing place where technology, creativity, and learning came together. My oldest daughter left inspired to be an imagineer when she grows up, and really aren't we all hoping that our children will have the opportunity to use their creativity to solve, build, and inspire others.

While visiting Epcot, we traveled in the giant sphere on the old ride that illustrates historical moments in the development of communication and writing. It concludes with a brief look at computers and the internet. My young daughters can't imagine a world without instant communication, yet left the ride understanding that our level of information sharing today was a gradual progression of learning and inventing. What a hands-on, multi-learning style way of teaching history!

I teach US History Online using the content and often hear from college level students that this is a more active, engaging learning experience than simply reading a textbook and sitting in class. I believe it is the first step to creating a course that inspires students to learn more.

What's next? Join me in the upcoming months for some ideas on how to engage student's imaginations, communication skills, and all learning styles.

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