Saturday, January 3, 2009

Presidents and their Pets

Happy New Year!

In honor of the upcoming inauguration of our 44th President, this month I will focus on “all things Presidential.” In December, the new first family was in the news and internet quite a bit about what kind of pet would call the White House home. So on the lighter side this week, what kinds of pets did former Presidents have?

Interestingly, most of our Presidents have had pets ranging from Madison’s parrot to two bear cubs that Lewis and Clark brought Jefferson. Early Presidents had live-stock including their main mode of transportation and some favorite companions, horses. On the more unusual side, John Quincy Adams had an alligator and silk worms and Martin Van Buren had two tigers. A few Presidents didn’t have pets: Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and Chester A. Arthur.

For a list of pets owned by Presidents

Presidential Pet Museum has some pictures of the pets

Funny site but also includes a list of Pets for the Presidents.

Slide show of some Presidents with the pets

What does this all mean about Presidents or our nation? I’m not sure. However, these pets have become part of the public relations plan for modern leaders. Down in the polls, how about a few pictures with a cute four-legged friend? Want to seem more down to earth and relate to the common man, play catch with a dog on the White House lawn…Think I’ve gone too far, maybe, but check out White House You will find Barney Cam videos.

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